Pet project: discover the crazy world of dog fonts

Grafisches Büro created a series of images that interpret which dogs could be related to which font

If your dog was a font, what font would he be? Type-obsessed Vienna studio Grafisches Büro offers up an answer in these playful images, which team different breeds of dog with their matching typeface. This isn't a long tail, so try and kee-pup.

Paws for a second and think - does a Dalmatian resemble the Courier typeface, or perhaps a German Shepherd shares characteristics with Helvetica? Grafisches Büro believes so, and beagle-ad that they do.

Courier has been imagined as a Dalmation, and Helvetica as a German Shepherd

It's certainly an original bit of design thinking, so we lift our legs in salute to Grafisches Büro. Rest assured we'll be bark with more inspirational examples of typography soon...

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