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13. 5 controversial predictions for UX in 2019

Geometric illustration with the headline 'UX design in 2019'

Is this where the industry is headed?

The experts at UXPin are bored of reading shallow, repetitive trends predictions, so they decided to put together something a little different. This article takes a look at the themes they want to see becoming more dominant in UX this year – and they're all to do with places where we're not performing our best. 

14. 6 UX testing tools to try

Screengrab of Userbrain homepage

There are plenty of tools to help you gauge your UX efforts

It's easy to assume UX is all about personal bias and intuition. Not so. This post runs through the tools that can help you objectively evaluate your UX efforts and craft a more successful strategy. 

15. Why UX designers have the best job in the world

The job of UX designer can seem a little woolly to some. This article by Yael Levy explores exactly what the role entails and what makes a great UX designer. If you're thinking of getting involved, here's a good place to see what UX is all about.

16. UX for emerging experiences

Tech for Good homepage

Stay ahead of the curve

To stay competitive, you need to embrace new movements in the web industry. This article takes a closer look at how to approach growing trends including immersive experiences and design for social good. There are also recommended tools for each trend, to help you get started.

17. The UX designer's survival guide

In this Generate talk, Media Temple's Lissa Aguilar presents a survival guide for current or prospective UI designers. It includes how to set up your compass, get a lay of the land, and the Swiss Army Knife of tools you'll need.

Case studies

18. How sound design is transforming UX

Paper Planes homepage

Sites like Paper Planes use sound as part of the UX 

A lot of attention is (rightly) given over to how information architecture, content and images work within a website. But what about sound? More and more web designers are harnessing the power of sound to enhance the experience offered on their sites and apps. In this article, we take a closer look at how sound can impact your UX.

19. Designing for a crisis

Nobody wants to think about the worst-case scenario, but it's in cases like these that the right design can have the most impact. In this moving talk from Generate London, Eric Meyer draws on personal experience to make a case for building extreme use cases into your UX design. 

20. How UX strategy can change the world

In this talk from the Generate London conference, Jaime Levy explains how she put together a UX strategy for a futuristic international transportation system called Hyperloop. The scheme used a unified network of digital touchpoints where shared big data and app interfaces are seamlessly connected across various different transport systems (such as bikes, tuk-tuks and buses).

21. The best UX/UI Instagram accounts to follow

Illustration of the letters 'UX'

Instagram is a great place to pick up UX advice

Instagram is a great social media platform to use to integrate UX inspiration and tips into your daily life. In this post we run down the best accounts to follow, to spark ideas and perhaps even some collaborations.

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