The ultimate guide to user experience

The role of UX

14. Why UX designers have the best job in the world

The job of UX designer may seem a little woolly. This article by Yael Levy explores exactly what the role entails and what makes a great UX designer. If you're thinking of getting involved, here's a good place to see what UX is all about.

15. UX tools to try this year

Chart of things to consider, eg competitive analysis, user stories, accessibility

This UX project checklist contains essential advice

As part of a general boom in design tools, we've also seen plenty of new UX tools surfacing in recent months. This post gathers together the best ones to explore, and explains what each one of them does so you can pick what suits your needs.

16. The UX designer's survival guide

In this Generate talk, Media Temple's Lissa Aguilar presents a survival guide for current or prospective UI designers. It includes how to set up your compass, get a lay of the land, and the Swiss Army Knife of tools you'll need.

17. Essential tools for freelance UX designers

These tools will help if you're thinking of going freelance

These tools will help if you're thinking of going freelance

If you're thinking of going it alone as a freelance UX designer, take a look at this list of essential tools. There are tools dedicated to analytics and user testing, but also ones to help you with your business, including accounting and proposal tools.

18. Why web design needs UX experts

Many people would argue that ensuring a good user experience is everyone's responsibility. This article by Andy Budd asks if that is the case, do we really need UX experts? The answer, he argues, is a resounding yes.

19. UX portfolios done right

Title says 'Hello my name is Erica and I'm a UX designer'

Advice for showing off your UX skills

Every type of designer needs a cracking portfolio to promote themselves... but UX design doesn't lend itself too well to traditional portfolio approaches. This article explores how to best showcase your work, and presents a selection of great UX portfolio sites to look through.

Case studies

20. Discover Google's UX design secrets

Headshot of Rachel Inman

Rachel Inman helps shape Google's user experince

UX design lead Rachel Inman works at Google. In this interview from net magazine, she explains her personal approach to UX design, and how that scales to a search giant like Google.

21. How Jaime Levy became a UX strategy guru

Jaime Levy's book on UX Strategy has been published in six different languages, and is regarded as one of the definitive works on UX. In this interview, the American author, university professor, interface designer and UX strategist shares the journey to becoming one of the world's foremost UX experts.

22. How UX strategy can change the world

In this talk from the Generate London conference, Jaime Levy explains how she put together a UX strategy for a futuristic international transportation system called Hyperloop. The scheme used a unified network of digital touchpoints where shared big data and app interfaces are seamlessly connected across various different transport systems (such as bikes, tuk-tuks and buses).

23. The best UX/UI Instagram accounts to follow

An app design being sketched in pen

Instragram users such as Jürgen Leckie have plenty to teach you about UX

Instagram is a great social media platform to use to integrate UX inspiration and tips into your daily life. In this post we run down the best accounts to follow, to spark ideas and perhaps even some collaborations.

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