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The video game made from hand-painted watercolours

These days, games for almost every console appear to create their characters and surroundings in near-realistic fashion. However, some of us strive for something a little more rough around the edges. New game 'The Coral Cave' is a 2D point & click adventure game that is entirely handmade and animated in watercolours.

It tells the story of Mizuka - a little Japanese girl who lives on a small remote island, in the Okinawa archipelago. One night, she has a strange dream. When she wakes up, a terrible danger is threatening her village. Mizuka must explore the surroundings and enter a mysterious spirit world in order to save her island.

Created by Atelier Sento, the game is inspiring, beautiful and brilliantly made. Proving that game design can very much be an art form in itself, The Coral Cave will certainly be a hit with game and design fans alike.

Follow The Coral Cave's development over on Tumblr.

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