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Free ebook on UI trends

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Web UI Trends Present & Future: Vibrant Colors, a free pocket guide in UXPin's design library, deconstructs the subtle techniques behind using color in some of today's most beautiful (and usable) websites. Teaching with 22 hand-picked examples, the book focuses on real-world application over pure design theory.

In web design, colors provide visual variety, contrast, and evoke specific moods. Colors emphasize content just as much as they set the emotional tone for the entire site. Mastering colors is just as important as other design fundamentals like working within a grid, creating consistent alignment, and designing clear visual hierarchies.

This free 31-page pocket guide includes:

  • 10 chapters covering topics like influences from fashion & interior design, flat color palettes, monochromatic color schemes, high contrast color, creating futureproof designs through color, and free color tools and resources.
  • Simple tips for adding vibrant color to your websites for a flat-inspired modern feel
  • Emotions created by certain colors like pink, red, yellow, and more.
  • Examples of color paired with texture and hover effects to create rich interactions

Check it out, and if you find it helpful, feel free to share with others.

Download the free e-book here

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