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6 resources to help you master HTML typography

master HTML typography

Paul Airy's book 'A Type of Email' showcases further tips and tricks for HTML typography

Images cannot be relied on to communicate an email's message. As such, Paul Airy argues that email is dependent on HTML typography. Here, he's put together six resources to help you on your way to incorporating web fonts and responsive typography techniques to implement robust HTML typography in email.

01. A Type of Email

A Type of Email is a handbook I've written for working with HTML typography in email. It can be read from cover to cover, or used as a quick reference as you're coding your emails.

02. Type E

Type E is my quarterly email newsletter, devoted to typography on email, with recent issues covering units and font pairs. Uniquely, each issue is developed using a selection of the techniques discussed within it!

03. Litmus

This is arguably the best tool for testing your email code across email and webmail clients.

04. Typographic Patterns in Email

Anna Yeaman at Style Campaign recently reviewed 50 emails across various industries, to identify trends in the way HTML typography in email is being approached. This in-depth study covers the use of headings, body copy, serif and sans-serif fonts, font size, line height, alignment, colour and web fonts, to name a few.

05. The Ultimate Guide to CSS

The Ultimate Guide to CSS from Campaign Monitor is an invaluable resource for identifying CSS support across email and webmail clients.

06. Email Client Marketshare

Litmus publishes regular statistics on email client marketshare, providing a useful snapshot of the current most popular email and webmail clients, worldwide.

Words: Paul Airy

Paul Airy is an email designer and developer at Beyond the Envelope. This article was originally published in issue 275 of net magazine.

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