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Useful web design trends for 2016

From UXPin, the popular collaborative UX platform also known for its free design library, comes a six-week ecourse, absolutely free.

Taught by Carrie Cousins, a digital designer-turned-author with 20+ years of experience, this course is delivered straight to your email with lessons every week.

Web trends ecourse

This ecourse will give you a headstart with your 2016 designs

Over the duration of the course, Cousins takes a deep dive into the techniques behind six essential web design trends for 2016. Each downloadable lesson spans between 50-80 pages.

This free e-course covers the topics that will play an integral role in user experience design in the near future, including:

  • Card UI Patterns
  • Usable Minimalism
  • Elegant White Space
  • Flat Design Reborn
  • Delightful Micromoments
  • Interaction Design and Animation Trends
  • Modern Typography

Carrie Cousins translates theories into best practices point by point, and illustrates her points through examples and screenshots from the sites of over 120 successful companies like Google, Microsoft, Trello, Squarespace, and others.

Web trends ecourse

UX design tips for various platforms are covered

If you’re interested, you can enroll in the ecourse and get the first lesson in your inbox right away.

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