The UX of typography explained

Typography isn't only about picking trendy retro fonts and colours. While it's commonly discussed as a part of the interface, typography can also play a part in the user experience and content goals of a site, if we consider a few key concepts.

Start by reading the content, then choose typefaces that fit with it. In The Type Primer, John Kane shares the four key considerations that dictate which families to select: the content, author's voice, audience, and (one of the most overlooked) the historical context of a typeface. After choosing a typeface, consider its placement.

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Sam Kapila

Sam is a designer living in Austin, Texas, who speaks and writes extensively about web and product design, diversity, inclusion, and equity. In 2011, she wrote the first university course on the topic of Responsive Web Design. She is currently Design Director at thoughtbot, and serves on several design advisory boards in Austin.