Why the future web will be led by visual designers

The internet is vast, and has come a long way in a comparatively short time. It’s hard to remember, sometimes, why we ever did things the way we did. Years of background, trial and error, and learning often get condensed into simple explanations like, "It's best practice." Then the client says, "Yeah, but why?" and we struggle to put all of that context into words. We've all been there.

Here's my dirty little web designer "origin story": I started out as a craftsman dabbling in carpentry, molding, painting, with very minimal interactions with technology.

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Tomer Lerner
Tomer Lerner is an award-winning designer, 3D artist and front-end developer. As the UX Director at Webydo, Tomer manages a team of developers working to enhance performance and usability. He is constantly working to create the most intuitive, seamless experience for designers to craft code-free, responsive sites.