49 InDesign tutorials to level up your skills

Design a glamorous Art Deco menu in Adobe InDesign

This retro menu is all done with typography, shapes and borders

This easy-to-create Art Deco menu card recalls the geometric glamour of the Jazz Age, and it's the perfect way to add a touch of class to any dinner gathering. Best of all, it doesn't require any images; you can do everything using typography, shapes and borders alone.

How to create reflective typography in InDesign

Creating a reflection is easy; making it convincing is another matter

It's not difficult to create a basic reflection, but making it look convincing is just a little more complex. Here Luke O'Neill explains how to quickly create an environment for your type to sit in that follows the basic rules of directional light, and how to place type in it to create a convincing reflection.

How to create glossy graphics in Adobe InDesign

Here's how to make shiny things, if you really have to

Shiny and glossy graphics may not be to everyone's taste but they certainly have their place and are often employed in sports branding and design. Luke O'Neill demonstrates how to achieve this look using a Euro 2016 wallchart.

How white space can transform your Adobe InDesign layouts

Less is more when it comes to layouts; by incorporating white space into your work you'll transform your designs from crowded and fussy to streamlined and polished. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a simple two-sided flyer in Adobe InDesign, being sparing with placing your elements to create a contemporary, calming design.

Repurpose print layouts for the iPad

InDesign isn't just about print. Here Jo Gulliver explains how to use InDesign CS6's Content tools to easily resize print layouts and turn them into iPad layouts.

How to create animated layouts in InDesign CS5

InDesign expert David Cooke shows you how to get your layouts moving with CS5's interactive tools.

Creating wireframes and prototypes with InDesign

InDesign has evolved from a print-only tool into an application that can produce interactive media for the iPad and eReaders, too. Surprisingly, it has built-in tools for creating interactivity and animation within your spreads. Hundreds of thousands of designers have adopted InDesign as their go-to application for eBooks. This tutorial takes InDesign one step further to produce fully interactive wireframes and prototypes.

A web developer’s guide to Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign isn't just for print designers. This tutorial gives the web designer a look at some of the tools in InDesign that translate directly into what web designers and developers currently use.

Design a print-ready ad in Adobe InDesign

Want to learn how to make an ad that could go into a magazine? Jump into Adobe InDesign with this real-world tutorial on creating a print-ready ad. This tutorial is perfect for you if you’re familiar with Adobe Illustrator and want to get started with a layout program suited toward publication design.

How to make your print design greener

From recycled paper to vegetable ink, Emmi Salonen of Studio EMMI explores the eco-friendly options available for print in this excellent InDesign tutorial.

Create striking images using InDesign's blending modes

Create striking images using InDesign's blending modes

Jo Gulliver reveals how to use InDesign’s built-in functionality to produce visual effects in your layout, without switching to Photoshop.

Combine multiple images into one frame

Lee Barnes demonstrates how to paste multiple images into one frame so that you can crop them as one object, while they remain individually editable.

Fix muddy gradients in InDesign

Learn how to stop your gradients looking murky

A muddy gradient - usually caused by using the default black - can ruin the look of your work; here you'll learn a few ways to correct it in both CMYK and spot colour gradients.

How to simulate screenprint effects in InDesign

A great way to add a screenprint effect to your design work is to overlay different elements and allow their colours to blend. In this InDesign tutorial you'll learn how to clean up images in Photoshop, convert raster images to bitmap and digitally create a 'silkscreened' aesthetic.

Column Grid poster design

InDesign tutorials

InDesign tutorials: Master aligned typography with this grid poster design

In this InDesign tutorial Mark Bloom, aka Mash Creative, walks through how to create perfectly aligned typography using a column-grid system for guidance.

How to create a striking exhibition poster

Luke O'Neill runs through the creation of a poster for an imaginary exhibition called Sirens. This InDesign tutorial covers the creation of a simple logotype and grid, use of typography, image editing and pattern creation.

Use glyphs to create a striking typography poster

Jo Gulliver shows you how to boost your typography design skills by using glyphs, proving InDesign tutorials an typography go hand-in-hand!

How to create an impactful slab-serif poster

This is one of our favourite InDesign tutorials. Learn how to set up a suitable grid and how to master kerning. Plus, we take a look at how to work with bold, vibrant colours and shapes.

How to create a music magazine cover in InDesign

Learn how to create a magazine cover in this InDesign tutorial by Simona Pfreundner

This tutorial explains how to create a magazine cover in InDesign. You’ll learn how to set up a page layout and add text. This is an introduction to InDesign and no previous knowledge is required.

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