Graphic designers' daily frustrations revealed

The day-to-day reality of a graphic designer is spelled out in this infographic print.

A day in the life of a graphic designer

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Being a graphic designer is wonderful, right? You get to do what you love for a living, from creating fresh logo design work to groundbreaking pieces that push the limits of experimental design. What could be better? Well, as this funny-because-it's-true infographic print from Amerikan Made Prints points out, the reality of it is slightly less glamorous.

From caffeine addiction, to meddlesome clients and unnecessary feedback, this stylish chart breaks down the top bugbears of designers everywhere. If only designers could be left to create their masterpieces in private...

This design is so popular it's been turned into a poster you can hang up on your wall with a unique feeling of cynical satisfaction. Your clients may not get you, but this hand pulled screen-print certainly does.


Dom Carter is staff writer at Creative Bloq. Coming from an SEO and web copywriting background, Dom first came to Future for a week of work experience at SFX magazine. Away from the office, Dom likes to write scripts and short stories, and watch an unhealthy amount of Doctor Who.