Profanity-filled posters are a typographic delight

These posters feature a few profanities but it's the typography that will catch your eye.

Sweary posters

Scroll down to see the sweary efforts

Irish freelance designer and illustrator and PUCK collective member George Simkin has created a range of posters with a few profanities but it's the typography that caught our eye. "I was inspired to create posters that had what I like to call a 'Passive Aggressive Message'," he tells us.

"There are loads of posters out there with swear words, but I have always liked a positive message, there is enough negativity in the world. So I wanted, where I did use profanity, that it would make someone smile or laugh.

"For example my poster for 'Comic Sans for Cancer' exhibition was great, it's such a serious subject matter, raise money for Cancer research, but looking at Comic Sans as inspiration. So I wanted to show Comic Sans as if it were the sleazy typeface of the design world." Take a look at them below (WARNING: VERY SWEARY).

Sweary posters

Simkin's puts a positive spin on the profanity

Sweary posters

The poster for 'Comic Sans for Cancer' exhibition

Sweary posters

Simple, understated and very sweary

Sweary posters

We think these profanity-fuelled posters will cheer you up

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