Google's new font revealed

The regular version of the new slab serif font

Google has released a new serif font, which it's using in parts of the mobile version of its new notetaking app, Keep - and has made it available for anyone to download and use in their own projects.

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Roboto Slab is a slab serif - the main factor differentiating it from the Roboto sans-serif font introduced with Android's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Google has bundled four versions of the font - thin, light, regular and bold - with the Keep app, which has been launched to take on the might of Evernote. But so far Google's made no public announcement about the new font, which was only been brought to light via the sterling investigative work of the blog Android Police.

The font also comes in bold (shown), light and thin versions

This wall of silence is fuelling speculation that it will replace Android's current serif font - Droid Serif - in the forthcoming version of the OS, Key Lime Pie. You can download Roboto Slab here.

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