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Holographic interface for 3D designers

No longer does the tablet world just cater for 2D vector graphics and photo manipulation. zSpace is an amazing device that enables users to interact with, and edit, fully rendered 3D objects using a holographic user interface, much like the fictional technology used in Iron Man.


You too can interact with holograms like Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies

While wearing the trackable eyewear, not only do fuzzy images become crisp and clean but they allow you to view the objects on screen at any orientation without having to pan or rotate them.


You can view objects at any orientation without having to pan or rotate them

This lifelike way of viewing and interacting with objects may eventually lead to not having to make physical prototypes to verify CAD data, although of course, nothing beats a nicely made physical model made of the right materials.

zSpace works with a variety of CAD programs such as Maya, 3DVIA and Geomagic but it doesn't have to strictly work with CAD as it can also be used as a data visualisation tool for simulating scientific and medical practices with a high degree of accuracy and visual clarity.

zSpace works with Maya, 3DVIA and Geomagic

zSpace works with Maya, 3DVIA and Geomagic

While the new interface is a remarkable step in the advancement of how we choose to design and make objects, this piece of kit seems to be reserved for professionals who can afford the hefty price of $6,000.

Exceeding expectations

Despite the original skepticism that zSpace wouldn't be able to perform as well as makers Infinite Z said it would, those who have used it have praised it as a succesful piece of technology, which really does live up to its own standards.

Even if for some reason zSpace does not become succesful, the holographic technology behind it will surely become something we can and will use in the future. Which just goes to show that whatever is made in science fiction may not remain fiction for very long.

WATCH THIS! Check out this video showing zSpace in action:

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Words: Christian Harries

Christian Harries is a freelance product designer and recent graduate from Ravensbourne. His portfolio can be seen here.