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3D-printed typography gives book an extraordinary look

Although we've seen some incredible examples of 3D printing already, 2014 is being built up as the year that the technology breaks into something close to everyday usage. We may be a few years away from 3D printers in every home, but in the coming months 3D printing could finally be set to transformed mundane objects into things of beauty and make us look at everyday items in a different way.

Here, we witness the making of a beautiful, 3D-printed book cover for Riverhead Books that transforms the reading experience and takes up a little more room on the shelf.

The slipcase was printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer. In the video above, designer Yentus shows her early pencil sketches and describes how they evolved into the slipcase, which she designed in collaboration with the MakerBot Studio.

3D printed book cover

3D printed book cover

[via Don't Panic]

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