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Epic XBox One ad invites you to a new generation of gaming

As we edge closer to the launch of Sony's and Microsoft's new gaming consoles, the battle for 'most viewed ad' is on. Last week, Sony exploited the nostalgia of the PlayStation and, now, Microsoft has released this action-packed spot, simply titled Invitation.

A seamless blend of live-action and VFX, the ad merges the real and Xbox One worlds together with a McLaren P1 skidding to a stop infront of a surprised VW driver, a Titan gatecrashing a boardroom presentation and Zachary Quinto's Spock making an appearance.

"Invitation to a new generation," the voiceover states, "where your games and entertainment are no longer separated". Want to find out more about how the spot was made? Check out this cool behind-the-scenes video:

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