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High-end advertisements reinvent the GIF for the luxury crowd

Butterflies, people with animal heads, ballerinas and one of the world's most expensive smartphones all come together in this imaginative campaign for British luxury mobile phone brand Vertu.

The brainchild of CHI & Partners, creative production studio Taylor James joined forces with fashion photographer, Kristian Schuller and worked closely with Vertu to deliver the extroadinary campaign.

Three of Schuller's unusual visions - a butterfly-dressed cat inside a couture house, a group of deer doing ballet and and a rhino on a motorbike - were brought to life, using 3D and various visual effects.

"We built CGI butterflies to flutter around the dress and added animation to create movement, depth and realism," says David Wortley, Taylor James’ technical director. "Repurposing the core 3D phone asset we built for the stills also enabled us to easily animate these elements for the digital executions of the campaign."

Various visual effects, such as smoke, were also added to the imaginative images. "The campaign is a striking example of how CGI and traditional photography can work hand-in-hand to deliver highly creative multi-platform campaigns," Wortley adds.

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