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Intricate 3D illustration is out of this world

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Wanting to create a beautiful poster for his children, full of little details, Roofs, Rockets and Adventures Beyond was created by 3D artist Marek Denko.

An awe-inspiring piece, Denko first began working on it two years ago. "I was really busy during that time, so sometimes it took me a really long time (weeks, sometimes months) to come back to it and continue. The real time spent on it is hard to say... possibly something around two months."

To create the intricate illustration, Denko used 3ds Max as the primary 3D software. "3ds Max has been my main tool for years, along with V-Ray for rendering," he says. He also utilised Photoshop heavily throughout production, for example, to replace hair and faces with actual photos of his children taken in similar lighting conditions.

3ds Max has been my main tool for years, along with V-Ray for rendering

Not hindered by technicality, Denko found his toughest challenge was reaching his idea of perfection. "There were no real technical challenges," he explains. "It was really time consuming but still fun to polish details over time. My main challenge was to keep up improving and working on one image for such a long period of time, and keep the distance from it to be able to honestly put in some personal critique and improve it until I was able to say it's done."

Words: Kerrie Hughes

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