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The most abstract McDonald’s ad you've ever seen

Piñata believes in the power of collaboration. The Helsinki-based illustration and animation studio took this ethos into a recent McDonald’s MyBurger campaign, encouraging customers to design their own burger. The animation fuses 2D and 3D elements seamlessly, depicting ideas forming and developing, and a visual representation of the featured burger’s hot, smoky flavours.

“Our work is about a light and positive creative approach,” says designer Tuomas Korpi. “We aim to get our multi-talented team of artists involved in the creative process and highlight individual artists’ strengths, to really push our own bar a bit higher each time.”

"The film combines 2D animated effects, 3D elements, some compositing magic and particle simulation," says animator Mikko Vormala, "The challenge was to blend all techniques seamlessly together. However that is what usually makes the project most interesting, developing a visual key for the animation and see how creative people can go, still following that same idea."

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 217.

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