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Pepsi hides its logo in new advertising campaign

pepsi advertising

Hiding the logo - a step in the right direction?

Being one of the world's top brands, you need inventive advertising campaigns to keep at the top of your game. Not one to rest on its laurels, Pepsi asked advertising agency BBDO Dusseldorf to devise a German print campaign that would incorporate their logo design in an inventive and unique way.

Hiding Pepsi's iconic red, blue and white logo in a web of red and blue blood vessels, BBDO Dusseldorf has managed to create something quite arresting and it's certainly not what you'd usually expect from a Pepsi advert.

As requested, the colours effectively convey the soft drink giant's overall brand identity without using the logo - but is it a step too far into the abstract? Let us know what you think in the comments!

pepsi advertising logo

pepsi advertising logo

See more advertising work on the BBDO Dusseldorf website.

[via I Believe in Advertising]

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