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New responsive advertising format launched


ScreenShift has dramatically simplified the process of delivering high impact advertising

The way we advertise is changing rapidly. In order to catch your potential customer's eye, you have to do something truly unique - like these brilliant examples of billboard advertising or IBM's inventive use of street furniture. However, there's no denying that in the main these days, digital reigns supreme.

But with the number of different screen sizes and devices multiplying daily, that can cause headaches for advertisers. So today digital advertising specialists Undertone has launched what it believes to be an industry-changing responsive ad format.

Built on HTML5, ScreenShift can be delivered seamlessly across web environments on smartphone, tablet and desktop, optimising its design and interaction and taking advantage of features and functionality native to individual devices.

Simplified solution

"Single screen creative solutions remain effective, but the process of running cross-screen campaigns across multiple vendors can be technically challenging and complex," says Undertone's EMEA managing director Cameron Hulett. "With ScreenShift, we’ve dramatically simplified the process of delivering high impact advertising across multiple screens and platforms at scale.”

ScreenShift is the first format to be developed through Undertone’s Impact Accelerator and can be optimised across screens as well as coming with full cross-screen reporting and insights.

Watch this! L'Oreal campaign using ScreenShift

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