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Amazing app turns your iPad into an art gallery

Le deserteur

This app is only available for 365 days

There are loads of brilliant iPad apps out there, and plenty that are trivial, but few are quite as artistic as le déserteur. Created by Parisian company Synesthesia EXP, le déserteur is an ephemeral app that turns your iPad into an art gallery.

Consisting of two exhibition rooms, including the rather onimous sounding 'Anonymous bodies' and the mysterious 'Labyrinths', the app is a curation of artwork by 30 artists from around the world.

Simply navigate the app by choosing an emotion that interests you and you're away. Get a glimpse of what to expect with this video introduction.

On sale for $9.99 from iTunes, le déserteur is only available to download for 365 days. After October 28th 2016 it will vanish from the internet, however once you've downloaded it you can keep the app for as long as you like.

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