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Visualator support

Visualator lets you create stunning abstract imagery with your fingertips. Play with colour, shape and form to produce vibrant collages on the move, that you can then use in your design work.

The app launches with two innovative tools; here's how to get the best out of them.


Triangulate is a simple graphic image-creator that enables you to make eye-catching geometric designs to use as wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad.


  • Background: gives you control over the two colours used for the gradient background colour.
  • Colour: the colour of your triangle is picked at random from the four colours you choose in this option.
  • Pattern: mix up the design with up to 10 random patterns. Simply toggle the patterns you wish to use on and off.


Gradulate is a live pen-based drawing system that uses simple physics to drive the pen's motion, and adds a random element to the creation process.


  • Colour: use the sliders to control the two-tone colour of your pen.
  • Opacity: use the slider to play with the opacity of your pen.
  • Size: these two sliders update the minimum and maximum size that your pen can be. The size is also affected by the velocity of the pen whilst drawing – when you ‘throw’ it and bounce it off the edge of the screen, for instance.
  • Spring: the left slider affects the springiness of your pen, and how much it bounces and spirals around the screen; while the right slider controls the velocity friction, causing the pen to react at different speeds to the movement of your finger.

Visualator was created by Matt Booth and Stewart Hamilton-Arrandale. To find out more about it and how to make it for yourself, see the 32-page guide in Computer Arts Projects issue 144.

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