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Minecraft is for real!

Have you ever dreamt about Minecraft, usually after a late-night gaming session, and the dream has mixed real life with the 3D-cubes and pixels of the popular game? Well, your dreams can become real with the Minecraft Reality app!

Yes, you can create Minecraft objects and place them in reality - well, augmented reality anyway - where they will remain forever. Created by 13th Lab AB, Minecraft Reality uses PointCloud SDK which lets you map and track 3D spaces using SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).

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What's mine is yours

You can also upload your own Minecraft worlds to the app's website and place these in reality, plus you can discover Minecraft worlds that others have placed in locations nearby, and share screenshots of Minecraft worlds in reality to Facebook and Twitter. The app is available now, priced $1.99 (£1.49).

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