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Leading artists create 120 customised paper dogs


Over 100 leading artists have taken the basic dog design and made it their own

Projects which see the design community coming together to create something truly original and inspiring is always a lovely sight to see. Here, more than 100 of the world’s most exciting and influential artists have taken a paper dog and made it their own as part of the two-year Gerald Project.

The project first started back in 2011, with hundreds of Gerald dogs shipped across the globe for those involved to get customising. Set up by Liam Hopkins, the project received such an overwhelming response that it is only now that all the dogs can finally been seen in all their finished and combined glory.

Liam Hopkins, who founded the project alongside British 3D designer Richard Sweeney, said: “We created Gerald as a challenge to ourselves and to challenge paper as a material. It stood up to the test and became a blank canvas for us to start adding elements of colour and more intricate design".

Gerald the dog

The papercraft behind Gerald is a feat in design itself. The free standing model of a Bracco Italiano breed of gun dog is made entirely paper and uses up to 88 individual components for each large format dog.

The exhibition and book launch will take place during New York Design Week, starting 16th May. The Geralds will be housed in custom built steel and clear plastic dog kennels; offering a gorgeous 360 degree view. Limited edition prints of the artist-designed dogs will also be available to buy for fans to make their own versions at home.





You can see the entire Gerald range on the Lazerian website.

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