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New design concept for Twitter: a better experience?

Earlier this year, designer Fred Nerby released a conceptual redesign for Facebook, which spread like wildfire around the web. Now he's back, this time with his attention turned to the world of Twitter.

Since its launch, the social media site has become a primary source of news updates, music, photos and anything else you could possible share over the internet. With this in mind, Nerby decided to create this fluid, engaging and beautiful new concept for Twitter's user experience design.

A preview of a user's mainpage under Fred Nerby's redesign

A preview of a user's mainpage under Fred Nerby's redesign

"Twitter is one of the main platforms for communication online and I wanted to create a deeper engagement and visual experience between users and that content," says Nerby. "By bringing conversations and data to life you’re creating engagement and the excitement to explore further turns in to an experience.

"It's the classic 'Rabbit Hole effect', where you can stumble upon information that leads you deeper in to a digital experience and that opens up new doors for more content, insight and knowledge for the topic of interest."

It's difficult not to be excited by the new features and interactions proposed by Nerby to create this more visual experience for Twitter. We particularly like idea of real-time infographics being generated from tweets. What do you think of the redesign?

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