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Branding the drink of the gods

Last summer, Thor Drinks contacted London-based art director, illustrator and graphic designer Radim Malinic wating him to design the identity, packaging design and website for the company’s new range of 'soft drinks with edge'. "The brief was wide open," recalls Malinic, who works under the moniker Brand Nu. "I had to brand the main operation as well as the bottle packaging for each flavour."

The bold results give a nod to the mythological Norse god of thunder that the brand takes its name from, featuring a hammer - his weapon of choice - and clouds, representing his control over the weather. The drinks are aimed at older consumers, with each flavour (Original Apple, Fire Ginger, Ice Mint and Thunder Apple) represented by its own corresponding colour palette.

Thor drinks

Radim Malinic’s design for Thor Drinks was inspired by the different flavours and the brand’s positioning in the marketplace

A month before launch, Malinic began work on the website design and development. The overall aesthetic expands upon the theme with the addition of accompanying soundscapes. "This project was about exploring possibilities without getting too carried away - without venturing too far from the reality of consumer goods," Malinic explains.

"It was decided very early in the process that the bottles would be shrink-wrapped and therefore the design would have to fit and print perfectly. It took time to perfect and fine-tune most of the small parts."

This article was originally published in Computer Arts issue 211.

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