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Logo and branding inspired by the print process

This new logo and brand identity for printing company F61 Work Room has got to be one of the most well presented and detailed projects we've ever seen. Based in St Petersburg, the team "love minimalism and analog types of printing, typography and the beauty of simple forms, natural materials and good paper", all of which is evident in these gorgeous designs.

With a raw, authentic feel, the F61 team and graphic designer Pavel Emelyanov paid meticulous attention to detail when developing and implemeting their ideas. "We were inspired by the print machines schemes: circles, cylinders, parallel lines, clear geometric shapes," they explain. "The black-and-white palette of the style gives it a finished, strict look and stands out from the traditional printing companies. Tag line 'Excellence of Print Design' speaks for itself and reveals the philosophy of the studio."

This is a stunning design, with everything from the contrast in textures, font and paper choices and colour palette executed perfectly. Not only does this new branding showcase the quality and cleanliness of the company's work, it also really highlights the craftsmanship involved. Just beautiful.

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