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Cool geometric branding for cocktail-making kit

Branding: Midnight Drinks

MidNight drinks has developed a unique idea for cocktail consumption, meaning you can enjoy easy-to-make, quality cocktails from the comfort of your own home - the simple system involving a backing box with cocktail mixes and a box shaker.

To promote the new concept, global Design Studio Mucho developed this vibrant packaging, with which they aimed to retain the tradition and elegance of cocktail making, while reflecting MidNight drinks new method.

The team explain on the Mucho website: "Based on the geometric reinterpretation of the 'M' and the 'N' in MidNight we created a system of triangles that when mixed with classic engravings of fruits generate a kaleidoscopic visual language. It really captures this new and fun way of creating cocktails."

Branding: Midnight Drinks

Branding: Midnight Drinks

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