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Nando's reveals a cheeky new visual identity

Nando\s logo

The new identity was inspired by traditional South African designs

Famous the world-over for spawning the 'cheeky Nando's' meme, amusing to some, incomprehensible to others, the peri peri chicken-themed chain restaurant Nando's has just launched a new visual identity.

Working with South African agency Sunshine Gun, Nando's refreshed logo design and aesthetic has been described as "a fresh, bold, new look". Complete with a 'PERi Red' Pantone colour and a typeface dubbed Nando's Hand, this identity draws on the company's cultural heritage.

Artist Marks Salimu was inspired by traditional South African sign designs. "DIN Next [Nando's Hand] is the very same font used in road signs in Joahnnesburg, where the first restaurant was opened," Nando's spokesperson explains.

As well as calling on artists and designers from the country to contribute new artworks, the Nando's Hand typeface is also tilted 87 degrees, in a subtle typographical nod to the restaurant's opening date in 1987.

Nando's logo colour

The colour scheme is the same as a chilli grown in Mozambique

Nando's logo paint

A new typeface was created for the redesign

Nando's logo type

The tilted font is a reference to the restaurant's beginnings

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