12 sketches that will bring a smile to your face

07. Creepy clown

"Clowns always creep me out a little bit. Well, maybe it is the way I draw them that makes them creepy. This friendly fellow is black and white Prismacolor pencil on brown paper."

08. Age ain't nothing but a number

"An aging Motorcycle club member who now just chills in his cushioned chair. BOOM!"

09. Mind shift

"Occasionally I will switch gears and draw with light pencils on dark paper. When I draw with white on black paper it naturally feels appropriate to draw deep sea fish. This drawing is loosely based on a real angler fish. It is a real mind shift to draw white on dark."

10. Frog man

"My take on a frog man. Not the traditional frog man, but a real combination of a tree frog and a man. Really can't explain why I drew this image. So many times the drawings in my sketchbooks are simply flights of fancy with no real direction. This sketch is a good case in point."

11. Pretty

"Can't remember much about this one. She's pretty. That's nice!"

12. Jester

"Just a silly jester. Occasionally I will use some watercolors or watercolor pencils in my doodles."

Words: Don Seegmiller

Don Seegmiller teaches senior-level illustration, traditional head painting, figure drawing and digital painting at Brigham Young University. This article originally appeared in ImagineFX issue 35.

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