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32 artworks immortalise gaming plumber - and it's not Mario

gamepaused luigi

The book contains 32 original pieces of artwork centred around Luigi

Some of the best designs in video games have been the characters - those little creations that become icons in pop and gaming culture. So, what better to celebrate the beauty of these particular characters by immortilising them in an illustrated book series.

Game Icons is a series of smaller, highly focused books celebrating legendary icons from gaming. Created by Game Paused - a venture that aims to combine both art and gaming - the first Game Icons book focuses on Mario's brother Luigi.

gamepaused luigi

2013 marked a very special birthday for the Luigi character

2013 marked a very special birthday for the Italian plumber and the book features 32 original artworks by 32 different designers. The only rule they had to adhere to was keeping to Luigi's original colours. The outcome is a beautiful, mini art gallery in your pocket.

To purchase Game Icons: Luigi, head over to Game Paused.

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