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Nestlé's new spot is a character-filled extravaganza

The team at Buenos Aires-based CG animation studio PepperMelon have a long-lasting love affair with Chile. They don't know why – what they do know, though, is that ever since they first partnered with Sony Chile a few years ago, their collaborations with Chilean agencies have boomed.

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PepperMelon's latest 3D animation for Nestlé, via JWT Chile, is an upbeat, fast-paced character-filled extravaganza that deserves a second watch. Get ready to smile: it's the hottest day in the world's coldest town, and the quirky cast of fur-coated figures are making the most of a scorcher.

PepperMelon say they loved making it – and you can tell. Check out the smooth DJ ice cream vendor at 00:26…

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