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Build an iPhone or iPad friendly folio

The ability to access a mobile-friendly version of your portfolio is a huge advantage for any creative, enabling you to carry your entire body of professional and personal work with you at all times.

Previously Matt Booth showed you how to use Flickr to power your Flash website - now I'll explain how you can use jQTouch (a jQuery plug-in) to make a mobile portfolio for the iPhone or iPad, which don't support Flash.

Before you begin, you'll need to copy the tutorial files from the support download: there is a partial version for you to work from, and a finished version. For the PHP part, you'll need to view the site through a suitable web server - or alternatively you can use the static HTML files. You'll also need a way to test the site: for this you can use desktop Safari, the iPhone Simulator included in the iPhone SDK from Apple, or an actual iPhone if you have one.

Click here to download the support files (244KB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free