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Create a Cut and Sew Range

Cut-and-sew is one of the most effective techniques for making your clothing unique, original and noticeable. In this tutorial, KING Apparel's Daniel Herval and Patrick Bower explain how they created three of their favourite bespoke cut-and-sew designs for KING's Autumn/Winter 2009 range.

Tim Hoad and Paul Linton started KING in 2003 as an underwear brand, before it later developed into a full clothing range. After creating some screenprinted T-shirts for the first few seasons, they soon realised the limitations of using stock shirts: the prints could only be a certain size, and there was little scope for the branding details, such as labels and embroideries that would make the tees truly special.

Suitable suppliers were soon found that could make tees to KING's own specifications, allowing the company to move into hoodies, crews, knitwear, jackets and jeans. Each range now consists of 60-80 styles, with a design process that's specific to each garment. Here, they take you through their three favourites.

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