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Create a mobile device interface

Building web content for mobile devices has always been an immensely tricky task. Bandwidth issues have created problems that could only be resolved by reducing interfaces to a bare minimum, a factor that wasn't helped by the minute resolution and poor colour capabilities of many phones and PDAs.

A major factor in resolving these issues has been the Flash Lite application, a free download of which is available on the Adobe site. Bolt this on to Flash 8 Professional and you'll be privy to a host of additional features and test functions. Based on Flash 7's ActionScript 2.0, Flash Lite inevitably has much less functionality, but this means you instantly know which features are compatible with mobile and which aren't. Consequently, you'll end up with an interface that will work on any mobile equipped with the Flash Lite Player.

For PC users, the BREW plug-in can help you develop even more advanced functionality. This add-on allows you to export any animations or interfaces created in Flash Lite as applets - these are standalone files that will be treated by mobile devices housing BREW functionality.

In the following tutorial, we're assuming some prior Flash knowledge, so if you're new to Flash, we suggest loading the mobile_start.fla file from the support download.

Click here to download the support files

Click here to download the tutorial for free

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