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Creating and using logos

Logos are possibly the most subjective thing you'll ever have to design. They can take a matter of minutes to create but weeks to get approved. Conversely, they can take months of research and development and only minutes to get signed off.

In this tutorial, we show you how to make the process of designing logos quicker and more productive. We begin by explaining a few steps you can take at the start of a logo-design project. These include how to get the most from the briefing process by asking your clients the right questions, and what you should consider when embarking on the design.

In addition, we explain how we approached and implemented the Fenchurch Clothing logo using Adobe Illustrator CS2 and demonstrate some of the tried-and-tested methods we use to create client logos.

We also look at how to choose the right typeface for the job, and explain how to produce a style guide to ensure the appearance of your logo remains consistent for years to come.

Our chosen software for logo creation is always Illustrator, because the vector format is the best possible file format for logos. A vector logo can be printed and enlarged without loss of quality, can be used by vinyl cutters for signage, and converted to any image format for screen-based media. You should always use a vector-based application to create your logo unless it's of a photographic nature or requires complicated 3D shading.

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