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Find freedom with FreeHand

FreeHand is known for its seamless integration with Flash, but is often overshadowed by Illustrator when it comes to creating excellent illustration features. The truth is, FreeHand can compete on all levels and in this tutorial you'll get a real working knowledge of many of the application's top features.

Whether you possess a confident drawing ability or prefer to bring pre-existing icons/elements and images into your work, you can use FreeHand to lay out each aspect of your illustration.

Understanding the basic functionality of FreeHand's layers and a few of the drawing tools will come as second nature quite quickly - the application's user-friendly interface ensures ease of use. This tutorial makes the assumption that you'll get to grips with mixing colours in FreeHand and that you understand the principles of vector drawing, but a few tips and tricks are included to get you up and running too.

The inspiration for the illustration is freedom from the mundane by tapping into a new application.

Click here to download the support files ( 1MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free