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Foreal's graphic alphabet is as easy as ABC

Foreal's alphabet all began, unsurprisingly, with the letter 'A'. The studio designed the letter for a commercial project that never made it, and the project grew from there.

"We saw it as a canvas for playing around with different tools," explains Benjamin Simon, who co-founded the studio with Dirk Schuster. "Everyone was free to create whatever came to mind, just following one simple rule: use the new sculpting tools."

Although certain experiments - such as a phallic 'G' - didn't make the cut, the final alphabet still manages to run the gamut from mouth-watering to kooky, taking in some satisfyingly disgusting creations along the way.

"There is no favourite letter for us. We love some for their graphic effect, or how they work in terms of space and colour," says Schuster. "Some for their weirdness. Others just look cool."

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 227.