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Illustrate in Flash

If you want to create great illustrations, you must have a solid foundation to work from, and this foundation should be built on many things. For example, you must have discipline, ability, technique and, most importantly, your own ideas and perception.

The good news is that everyone has their own perception - a style, a voice, and a unique view on the world. This tutorial is not about your perception or your style. Instead, this tutorial outlines the techniques I use when I build an illustration in Flash.

These are suggestions that may spark an idea, or a new way of thinking when you approach your next illustration. By no means is this tutorial suggesting this is the only way to create a vector illustration. This is just the way I choose to do it.

One of the advantages of using the vector format is that it is fairly easy to make revisions to a work in progress. Changing colours or rearranging a composition, or even scaling an illustration, is easy. The advantages of working specifically in Flash are the tools it offers, which have a unique approach to handling raw vector shapes.

In this tutorial you will learn how to arrange and stack simple shapes to create more complex shapes, creating some custom shapes with the Line and Selection tools. You will not be using the Bezier tools to form these. This is one of the most unique features in Flash - the ability to manipulate, crop, and cut raw vector shapes without the use of Bezier curves.

Click here to download the tutorial for free