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Pattern-based images

This thing we call process is a difficult entity to describe. It's integral to the way you work and something that must be honed to perfection over the years, each time incorporating something a little different to enhance your workflow. Here I will introduce you to a little something I do as a matter of course - something I do several times a day that has become second nature, and which you may find useful in your process if you're not already doing it.

Through its creative software, Adobe provides a great range of shapes to work with. Circles, squares and so on - they're all there, albeit pretty basic. But did you know you can create other shapes from these shapes? And that these shapes can multiply like rabbits given half a chance (and a quick read through this tutorial)? With a little refrain and some considerable imagination, these shapes can be transformed into amazing patterns.

Sketchbooks are a great resource for artists; they harbour some of our deepest ideas but we don't necessarily always transfer these ideas into software. The books nestle snugly with our laptops and sweeties and come out on trains. They are regular kit, just like our computers. So here's a technique I use on a regular basis which utilises all these tools - something I'm sure you'll all think about shoehorning into your own workflow. A simple doodle on your sketchbook will become a vector file on your computer, which will then become a swatch that fills a space and eventually become a pattern to embellish a fiendishly cool image. It's as simple as that.

Click here to download the tutorial for free