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Puppet pop videos aiming to avert asthma attacks

"Happy, pop, fun, geometric, patterned, textural, handmade... with eyeballs." That's how associate creative director Gareth O'Brien describes the look of Buck's three music videos for The Breathe Easies, the world's first puppet-based 'asthma rock band'.

The New York-based production company was approached by The Barbarian Group to create some catchy, educational songs about preventing asthma triggers that "kids would want to watch over and over, and find funny enough to share," as O'Brien explains.

Although O'Brien had dabbled with puppetry before, it was a new medium for Buck. "We quickly realised during storyboarding that we had a ton of sets we needed to build," recalls creative director Thomas Schmid. "This led us to design a modular system that shared assets in smart ways to create a multitude of different environments. Seeing our stuff come to life was truly a transformative experience."

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 220.

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