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Supersize poster creation

Creatives thrive on visualisation, and those of us who design movie posters are no exception. What is the tone? Is it conceptual or photographic? What typography is appropriate? But we often forget about the marketing executives - the people whose job it is to meticulously plan a campaign around profit and numbers. Creative is set aside and the focus is instead placed on running the most effective ad campaign and choosing the image that will have the greatest impact on the target audience.

In the film industry it's not unusual to find UK quads (landscape posters in the cinemas, measuring 30x40 inches) being adapted into four-sheets (portrait posters measuring 60x40 inches, as used in the London Underground). The obvious challenge here is adapting the landscape image to a blown-up vertical image. Not all images are easily transferable and this must be thought about in the early creative stages.

While adaptation can be relatively simple, there are many factors to take into consideration. This tutorial will explain our typical way of working.

Click here to download the tutorial for free