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My studio is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and it's my favourite place to be, because it's my little world that I can fill up with my art. I try to make a new thing everyday, even if doesn't end up being finished or is just a sketch for a future idea.

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The way I work begins with a degree of planning – I have certain ways that I'll approach something new. But once the creative process starts, it flows quickly and instinctively. And it's sometimes hard to 
stop – ha! I never see a final picture in my head before the work is finished. Instead, I like to let it take its own natural shape.

lora zombie jessica rabbit

Pop culture is a big influence on me and I love to use elements of it in my work

Also, I'll tell you a secret: a lot of people think that I use watercolours in my paintings. But no, I actually use liquid acrylics. And acrylic markers, brush pens, liners and spray paints, too.

My studio is part of my home, which is super convenient. I'm very happy to have this big, bright space in which to have my ideas. When I was younger I only used to create very small pieces of artwork. But I'm much happier having this room to paint on the large canvases that a lot of my work appears on. Plus I enjoy having the space to make such lovely paint splatters!

lora and cat

There are always animals and some flowers in my studio that keep me being sweet. I get a lot of my inspiration of colours from nature

I love animals, and I always have animals close when I'm working. I have two cats: a hairless cat called Zhopsik, and a Siamese who goes by the name of Umsik.

As for what time of the day I like to make art, well, it's any time I can. My dream is to just have the freedom to keep on drawing, drawing, drawing all day long. I think it's more important as an artist to focus on always making new work, above all else. Popularity and attention for the work will follow in good time.

lora paint

You can’t be afraid to get messy when making art! My favourite paints are always changing. Many people think I paint with watercolours, but I actually use liquid acrylics

Words: Lora Zombie

Lora Zombie is from Russia and is an increasingly popular name in the urban art scene, where her grungy trademark style is gaining global recognition.

This article originally appeared in ImagineFX magazine issue 119.

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