The best Apple AirTags deals in February 2024

Apple AirTags deals
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The best AirTags deals are worth taking advantage of if you have any important items that you don't want to lose, from house keys to a tablet or laptop. Apple AirTags are handy little devices that make it easier to find things if you lose them. Keep one of the small, round accessories with the item you want to keep tabs on, pair it with your iPhone, and you should never lose it.

Apple AirTags were first released in April 2021 and are available individually or in packs of four. Apple AirTags prices direct from Apple start at $29 / £35 for one or $99 / £119 for four. However, we have seen some great price drops on 4-packs at other retailers, with the best AirTags prices on record being $89 / £89 for four. 

Scroll on to find the best Apple AirTags prices in your region. Not sure how they work? Scroll down a little further to where we answer some frequent questions on the devices. Want more Apple offers? See our best Apple deals post.

The best Apple AirTags deals available now

Apple AirTags deals: an image of an iPhone that's been paired with Apple AirTags

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What are Apple AirTags?

Apple AirTags are an Apple accessory that are intended to make losing your stuff a thing of the past. Small and discreet, the AirTags are kept with your valuable items and synched with your iPhone so that you can locate the item wherever you are. 

They're pretty smart. They have a small built-in speaker, and with a few taps on your iPhone, you can make them play a sound to help to help you find the item you're looking for – particularly useful if you've misplaced your keys, for example. Not into beeping noises? If you've got an iPhone 11 or later, you can use the Precision Finding feature (image above), which will tell you how many feet, and in what direction, your AirTag is located.

How do Apple AirTags work?

In short, secure Bluetooth. AirTags connect with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch with a simple tap. Then you can choose to have notifications when the AirTag is nearby, or simply look for it when you need. And you can locate an AirTag from literally the other side of the world, using the Find My network. 

The secure Bluetooth signal is detected by nearby devices in the network, and then the AirTag's location is sent to iCloud, which you can get through the Find My app. Importantly, all these stages are secure, encrypted and anonymous, so no data is shared.

Each AirTag is waterproof and will keep going for more than a year on a single battery (which is replaceable). But you don't need to worry about being caught out by a dead AirTag. Your iPhone will notify you when the battery is on its way out. 

Can Apple AirTags be upgraded?

There's only been one version of Apple AirTags since their release in 2021, but Apple has announced some firmware updates since. The latest updates (we're now on version 2.0.36), announced in late 2022, were rolled out in a bid to stop the tags being used for stalking. 

Now, AirTag owners can use Precision Finding to help locate an unknown AirTag that is moving with them. Also if an iPhone is 'awake', users will get a notification to alert them when an AirTag that's not with its owner is travelling with them. The AirTag will emit a sound to indicate it's been moved. 

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