The best Glowforge Basic price in December 2023

The Glowforge Basic with its lid popped.
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The Glowforge Basic prices that you'll see on this page are going to be the lowest Glowforge Basic prices around. But that's not to say they're going to be cheap. If you know anything about the Glowforge brand and its products, you'll know that there's nothing cheap about them! 

As you'll probably know, the Basic features the brand's basic components, and there's a six month warranty rather than 12 months. However, don't let the 'Basic' name overshadow what is still a leading laser printer. It shares the same accessibility with its more expensive siblings, the same clean look. You simply load your material, let the camera adjust and manage the design in-app, and then 'print'. It's this easy and simple design to what is a complex operation that makes Glowforge such a brilliant cutting machine.

But what of the Glowforge Basic prices? Well, the Glowforge website states it as retailing at $6,000, but currently being on sale from their site store at $3,995. Now, this is a little cheeky, as there is nowhere else on the internet where the Glowforge Basic price is as high as $6,000, as that's the original retail price that has reduced long ago. 

Head over to our page on the best Glowforge Plus prices if your bank account can stretch that far, and if the Glowforge range is all a bit steep for your budget, have a look at our breakdown of the best Cricut maker 3 bundle deals.

The cheapest Glowforge Basic prices

The best Glowforge machines; a photo of the Glowforge Basic with its lid open

(Image credit: Glowforge)

Glowforge Basic

A great Glowforge machine for hobbyists.

Machine dimensions: 38 x 20.75 x 8.25 inches | Material size: 20 x 18 inches | Material height: 2 inches | Cutting area: 11 x 19.5 inches | Laser: 40 watt, Class 1 laser | Warranty: 6 months | Precision: 1/1000th of an inch, autofocus | Cameras: Dual: wide angle & macro

Easy to use and manage
Same smart look
Slower than Pro and Plus
A little large for a hobby machine

The Glowforge Basic is the 'entry level' machine from the US crafting company, but don't let the name deceive you, it's still a serious cutting machine that comes with a serious price. 

Sure, the Glowforge Basic is a little slower than the super-fast Plus and Pro, but you still get loads of great features with the Basic. It has a Class 1 laser like the Plus but not the Class 4 laser of the Pro, and like the Plus the Basic also lacks the Pro Passthrough slot for larger projects. If you're using a laser cutter occasionally, primarily for hobbies and family gifts, then the Glowforge Basic is a nice option.

And what should you be paying for the Glowforge Basic? Although it originally retiled at $6,000, you really shouldn't have to pay anymore than $4,000 for one. It's currently $3,995 over at the Glowforge website

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