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Wacom unveils tiny new stylus

wacom bamboo stylus

Do the best things come in small packages?

Those of you that do design work on mobile devices will be aware that Wacom is responsive for some of the best drawing gadgets around. We recently told you about its first compact, full HD colour sketch pad - the Cintiq 13HD Pen Display. And now they've brought out the tiniest, cutest baby stylus we've ever seen.

Small enough to take anywhere yet big enough to use comfortably, the Bamboo Stylus mini is the perfect portable pen for those of you who like to create on the move. Measuring just 1.85 inches long, it might not be the best investment for those that easily misplace things, but you'll be pleased to know that it comes with a nifty plug you can insert into your device’s headphone jack for storage and quick retrieval.

The new stylus comes in a range of colours and is designed with easy-to-grip, soft-touch rubber. There's also a choice between firm and soft nibs.

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Do the best things come in small packages? Let us know your thoughts on this new stylus in the comments box below!