The art of ceramic doughnuts

Ceramic doughnuts come in three mouth-watering colours

We all like doughnuts. But Madrid-based design studio Serial Cut likes them a lot. Enough to create bold ceramic ones to hang from your wall or have standing as a design piece.

Established in 1999, Serial Cut studio’s art direction has become renowned for creating slick, bold, homogenous artworks from seemingly opposing aesthetics.

The pieces of ceramic art are strictly limited to a run of 100

Its clients include Absolut, Microsoft, MTV, Nike, Sony and The Guardian, and the agency's ExtraBold book is already proving to be a treat for the senses with its rich content and app-augmented additions.

The limited edition (of 100 pieces) ceramic doughnuts are available in three colours - orange, indigo, and purple - at €85 and are 24cm (9.4in) in diameter.

Monster wall doughnut is a metre-and-a-half in diameter!

But they are mere hors d'oeuvres compared to the studio's plat du jour - a 150cm (59in) collecter's edition doughnut available like the mini-versions from the ExtraBoldStore, priced at a mere €3,250.

Mmmmmm, doughnuts...

Watch this! Get an idea of the giant doughnut's scale at Serial Cut's ExtraBold launch party:

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