60 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials


In recent years, Adobe Illustrator CC’s position as the go-to tool for vector graphics has come under increasing pressure, with new competition from the likes of Affinity Designer and Sketch.

But it remains the industry standard, and the web is packed full of tips, advice and tutorials to help you get to grips with it. So in this post, we bring together the best Illustrator tutorials in one handy place.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced user, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here. Make sure you bookmark this page right now.

The basics

01. Get to know Illustrator

This entry-level tutorial introduces you to the Illustrator workspace

02. Set up a new document

This beginner-level tutorial will teach you how to set up a new document in Illustrator. You’ll discover how to set up the various options to configure variables such as width, height and colour mode.

03. Create and edit shapes

This tutorial introduces you to the process for creating and editing shapes in Adobe Illustrator CC using the Shape tools. Learn how to draw, combine, and trace shapes using the sample files provided.

04. Transform and edit artwork

In this tutorial you’re walked through the basics of transforming and editing artwork in Adobe Illustrator CC. Learn how to resize artwork, use groups, align objects and more using the Selection tool, Transform panel, and other transform tools in the software.

05. Change colour and strokes

Discover how to apply colours to your artwork in this Illustrator tutorial

Here’s a great introduction to how to work with colours in Illustrator CC. Discover how to apply colours to your artwork, change an object’s colour, create swatches, recolour artwork, and more.

06. Create with drawing tools

This tutorial walks you through the concepts of Paths and Curves in Illustration and introduces the tools you need to create and edit them, including the Pencil and Curvature tools.

07. Organise content with layers

Here’s a great beginner-level introduction to layers in Adobe Illustrator CC. You’ll discover how they work, what they’re for and how to use them to create, edit, and organise content.

08. Create and Edit Gradients

This introduction to working with gradients in Illustrator explains how to create different types of gradients and modify options such as colours, position, and opacity to get the look you’re aiming for.

09. Explore the Essentials workspace

Learn how to customise your workspace using the Properties panel

The Properties panel in Illustrator CC allows you to customise your workspace, allowing you to find and use the right controls when you need them. This tutorial explains how to use it.

10. Work with artboards 

This tutorial explains the function of artboards in Illustrator CC, which are similar to pages in InDesign CC or Microsoft Word. Watch the three videos and you’ll soon learn how to create multiple artboards and edit them.

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