10 top new tools for traditional artists this May

This month's roundup is a mixed bag of new books, news skills, and new tools. One of the best titles out this May takes a modern, engaging approach to mastering to art of how to draw people – plus we look at the best pencils and papers to go with it. Another new book aims to demystify art, by explaining in simple language exactly what 300 iconic texts really 'mean'. Elsewhere, we look at a guide on how to give your landscapes new depth using mixed-media techniques – including found objects.

Struggling with artists' block? We've got something for that – a book that explains what creativity is and how to unlock yours. And if that doesn't work there's a tried-and-tested resource from which everyone from Botticelli to Damien Hirst has found inspiration. Ever heard of 'snitte'? We sharpen our knife and take a look at the craft that is described as "a rite of passage for most Scandinavians".

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Gary Evans is a journalist with a passion for creative writing. He's recently finished his Masters in creative writing, but when he's not hitting the books, he loves to explore the world of digital art and graphic design. He was previously staff writer on ImagineFX magazine in Bath, but now resides in Sunderland, where he muses on the latest tech and writes poetry.