Making Wayfinder: Airship Syndicate's art team interviewed

The art of Wayfinder; an anime style character reach out of the picture frame
(Image credit: Airship Syndicate)

Envisioning other worlds is a not insignificant challenge. It's also an opportunity, of course. For their upcoming role-playing game Wayfinder, made using Unreal Engine, developer Airship Syndicate has created a new space and place for video gamers to contend with intergalactic conflict. 

Our conversation begins with an exploration of what constitutes the overall design philosophy at the game studio. Brian Jones, the team’s character lead, sets the conversation in motion when he notes the first questions typically asked of an environment design and concept art are, "Is it cool? Is it engaging?" he says. "As simple as it sounds, we constantly ask ourselves these questions. If it isn't, we go a different direction or iterate until it is. We focus on making exciting and dynamic characters and creatures that not only look great, but also expand upon the rich lore of our worlds."

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